1.《當幸福來敲門 (The Pursuit of Happyness)》:威爾史密斯 (Will Smith) 在片中飾演的爸爸、由於經濟不景氣不幸被裁員,仍不顧一切讓兒子吃得飽穿得暖,為找到一份好工作努力不懈,聽起來很勵志對吧?   然而現實中這位爸爸可沒那麼顧家,且兒子還是跟小三生下來的,

January 5, 2016

1.《當幸福來敲門 (The Pursuit of Happyness)》:威爾史密斯 (Will Smith) 在片中飾演的爸爸、由於經濟不景氣不幸被裁員,仍不顧一切讓兒子吃得飽穿得暖,為找到一份好工作努力不懈,聽起來很勵志對吧?

The Pursuit of Happyness 

Will Smith plays a down on his luck father who stops at nothing to give his son the life he deserves. The movie chronicles the supposedly true story about his attempts to win a prestigious job, and it’s really inspirational. Apparently, in real life, Chris Gardener wasn’t as nice of a guy. He wasn’t near as attentive to his son, and would supposedly be unaware of the boy’s whereabouts while he was out getting that job. He also didn’t have the kid with his wife, but with his mistress. Plus, that whole Rubik’s cube thing didn’t happen, either.


2.《顫慄汪洋22小時 (Open Water)》:本片講述一對夫妻參加出海潛水團,在陰錯陽差之下被遊船遺棄,兩人必須在汪洋大海和虎視眈眈的鯊魚環伺之下求生。

Open Water

The only part that was ‘maybe’ true about this story was that two people get eaten by sharks. And no one is sure that it actually happened. The only thing that anyone knows is that the two scuba divers, Tom and Eileen Lonergan were left behind on a diving trip, and their camera was found inside of a shark.


3.《機密真相 (Flight)》:261號班機在飛行中遇難,丹佐華盛頓 (Denzel Washington) 飾演的機長在墜機過程中,居然很帥氣地在最後關頭讓整架飛機呈上下顛倒的狀態飛行,最後只有6人死亡。事後調查發現機長有酒駕之嫌,但機上大部分乘客都因為他超帶種的決定而得救。雖然本片的宣傳都強調改編自真實事件,但其實和真相差很大…


Although this was told to be a true story, it is cited to be inspired by the 2000 Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crash, and there’s a LOT of differences. In the movie, Denzel Washington’s character, Whip Whittaker (who’s entirely fictional) flies a commercial aircraft upside down to avoid crashing. It comes out that he was intoxicated at the time of the crash, but only 6 people were killed. In real life, when Flight 261 crashed the pilot had attempted-and failed- to fly the plane upside down. No one survived the incident.


4.《天搖地動 (The Perfect Storm)》:地表最帥漁夫喬治克隆尼 (George Clooney) 率領漁船船員抵抗強力颶風的襲擊,這艘在1991年出海的Andrea Gail號漁船最後不敵颶風,船員全數罹難。

The Perfect Storm

The movie tells the ‘true’ story of the crew of the Andrea Gail, a fishing boat that got caught in a massive storm in 1991 and never returned. The real names of the deceased were used in the film, but that’s about the only similarity. 

The plot of the movie is actually made up of tons of different stories collected in the book of the same name by Sebastian Junger, and happened to entirely different people.
這段故事聽起來很有好萊塢悲壯英雄的氣概,但本片情節其實是根據作家Sebastian Junger的多篇航海故事集改編而成。


5.《美麗境界 (A Beautiful Mind)》:你一定對羅素克洛 (Russel Crowe) 飾演的天才動力學家奈許印象深刻,他不斷幻象著自己其實是在破解政府設下的一道道密碼,以至於被更多的幻覺給逼瘋,直到開始學會接受腦袋異於常人的事實,最後能夠分辨真實與幻想。

A Beautiful Mind 

You remember this one, the movie where Russell Crowe is like, really, really smart. He plays a real-life man named John Forbes Nash who works on governing dynamics and has hallucinations about cracking government codes. He eventually goes mad until he gets help and learns to ignore all the not-so-normal things going on in his head. That’s not exactly how it went down in real life, however.

The biggest difference between reality and director Ron Howard’s re-telling is that Nash never had hallucinations, which made up a big part of the film. Also, his wife didn’t stick by his side, they got divorced in 1963.


6.《沙漠奇兵 (Hidalgo)》:《魔界》系列男星維果莫天遜 (Viggo Mortensen) 在《沙漠奇兵》飾演西部牛仔法蘭克霍普金斯,在19世紀遠赴中東並展開接二連三的精彩冒險,其中包括與當地的純種馬賽跑。


A cowboy hat-wearing Viggo Mortensen plays Frank Hopkins, an American distance rider from the late 19th century who goes on adventures to the Middle East and races against pure-blooded race horses, gets involved in some trouble, and then just really has a great time living life on the edge.

Heavily marketed on the fact that Hidalgo was an actual person, historians have actually taken offense to the misinformation presented. The legitimacy of Hopkins’ ancestry has been disputed, and he was most likely a con man. The main part that isn’t true is that the big central race in the movie probably never happened.


7.《德州電鋸殺人狂 (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)》:有關「德州電鋸殺人狂真有其人」的說法都是假的!片中電鋸殺人狂的靈感來自著名連環殺人犯Ed Gein,除此之外整部片的情節純屬虛構。

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The idea that this is a true story is totally false. It’s  loosely inspired by some bad stuff serial killer Ed Gein did, but the actual plot is fictional. Director Tobe Hooper made a decision to brand it as true because he thought it would bring more people to the theaters, and he wasn’t wrong.


8.《英雄本色 (Braveheart)》:本片根據13世紀蘇格蘭獨立鬥士威廉華勒斯 (William Wallace) 的事蹟改編而成,可惜片中有太多描繪與史實不符。


The brilliant biopic of William Wallace, a freedom fighter who kicked ass in 13th century Scotland, is almost completely historically inaccurate. Almost everything that might have happened in reality has been manipulated into something that definitely did not. Primae noctis never existed, kilts weren’t even worn in the 13th century, and the Battle of Stirling actually took place on a tiny bridge. Isabelle of France never even met William Wallace in real life, let alone romanced him.

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