1.《007系列小说》原作者伊恩佛雷明 (Ian Fleming) 一开始希望将庞德塑造成「无聊」的人,所以借用了某位美国鸟类专家的本名「詹姆斯庞德」,这是他听过最无趣的名字…   2. 某几集007里提到,有不少00情报员都在出任务时遇害,例如《007黄金眼 (GoldenEye)》里的

November 22, 2015

1.《007系列小说》原作者伊恩佛雷明 (Ian Fleming) 一开始希望将庞德塑造成「无聊」的人,所以借用了某位美国鸟类专家的本名「詹姆斯庞德」,这是他听过最无趣的名字…

The name "James Bond" is actually the name of an American bird expert. According to creator Ian Fleming, he wanted his leading man to be  “an extremely dull, uninteresting man to whom things happened…I thought by God, James Bond is the dullest name I ever heard.”


2. 某几集007里提到,有不少00情报员都在出任务时遇害,例如《007黄金眼 (GoldenEye)》里的大反派,其真实身分就是大家以为已经死很久的006。之前据传电影公司有意找个 “008” 来取代庞德,但没下文。

In the various Bond movies, many of the 00s agents have been killed. Agent 006 is a rogue agent that's believed to be dead, but returns as GoldenEye. There is also talk of a talented 008 who is meant to replace Bond, but we haven't seen him yet.
007系列最经典打手「怪杰」(Odd job)。


3. 詹姆斯庞德在过去22部《007系列电影》里,被开枪的次数一共是4662次。

James Bond has been shot at 4,662 times in 22 films.


4. 作者伊恩佛雷明曾是二战期间最重要的特务之一。

Author Ian Fleming was one of the most important special agents in WW II.


5. 乔治拉赞贝 (George Lazenby) 在《007女皇密使 (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)》饰演庞德之前不曾有任何演戏经验,但为了演庞德所以他对电影公司撒了谎… 

George Lazenby had never acted before he got the role in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." He actually lied about having acting experience to get the part.


6. 克林伊斯威特 (Clint Eastwood)、毕雷诺斯 (Burt Reynolds)、亚当魏斯特 (Adam West) 都曾是演出庞德的人选,但他们都拒绝了,他们认为这个角色还是应该由英国演员诠释。

Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds and Adam West turned down offers to be James Bond, because they felt Bond should really be British.


7. 连恩尼逊 (Liam Neeson) 也曾婉拒演出庞德的机会,因为当时的他对动作片没兴趣。可见后来改变心意了!

Liam Neeson turned down the role of Bond because he wasn't interested in being in action movies. Clearly, he's changed his mind.


8. 1967年有部「恶搞007」的电影叫作《天雷箭 (OK Connery)》,是由史恩康纳莱的弟弟尼尔康纳莱主演。

A spoof of the Bond series was made in 1967. The movie was called "OK Connery" and starred Sean Connery’s brother Neil.


9. 史恩康纳莱演出所有007电影时都戴着假发。

Sean Connery wore a toupee in all of his appearances as James Bond.


10. 007系列第5集《007雷霆谷 (You Only Live Twice)》的剧本是经典童书《巧克力工厂》的作者Roald Dahl所写。

Roald Dahl, the author of childhood classics like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, wrote the screenplay for "You Only Live Twice."


11. 二战期间伊分佛雷明在牙买加买了栋别墅,命名为「黄金眼」。伊恩一共在那写了14本庞德小说,直到他过世后「黄金眼」才变成其中一集007电影的名称。

A visit to Jamaica during World War II inspired Ian Fleming to buy an estate there, which he called Goldeneye. Fleming wrote many of his 14 novels there and, long after Fleming’s death, it became the namesake of a Bond film.


12. 《007金手指 (Goldfinger)》里,庞德女郎Pussy Galore率领的5位女飞行员其实都是男扮女装。

The five pilots flying planes in Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus in "Goldfinger" were actually men wearing blonde wigs.


13.《007金手指》里一开始,庞德女郎Tilly Masterson全身被涂满黄金而死去,有人怀疑这一幕的灵感来自某位死法雷同的女模真实命案…后来电视节目《流言终结者》证实传言是假的。

In "Goldfinger," Tilly Masterson dies of skin suffocation by being painted gold.  For years, it was thought that this method of murder was supposedly inspired by the real life death of a model who had the same thing happen to her at a photoshoot. The TV program "Mythbusters" has since proven that to be false.


14. 庞德在《007霹雳弹 (Thunderball)》里使用的道具「喷射背包」真的会飞起来!

The rocket belt Bond uses in "Thunderball," actually worked.


15. 50年来的24部007电影里,饰演过庞德的演员一共有6位:史恩康纳莱 (Sean Connery)、乔治拉赞贝 (George Lazenby)、罗杰摩尔 (Roger Moore)、提摩西达顿 (Timothy Dalton)、皮尔斯布洛斯南 (Pierce Brosnan)、丹尼尔克雷格 (Daniel Craig)。

Over the last 50 years and 24 movies, James Bond has been portrayed by six actors: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig.


16. 凯莱葛伦 (Cary Grant) 是第一位庞德人选,他虽然喜欢剧本,但还是婉拒了演出机会,因为不确定自己是否为最适合人选。

Cary Grant got the first offer to play James Bond on the big screen. Grant said he liked the script, but he turned it down because he was unsure that he could fully get into the character.
凯莱葛伦演出的经典电影有《北西北 (North by Northwest)》及《费城故事 (The Philadelphia Story)》。


17. 史恩康纳莱拍摄《007巡弋飞弹 (Never Say Never Again)》时接受了武打训练,武术指导刚好是动作明星史蒂芬席格 (Steven Seagal)。期间两人闹得不愉快,史蒂芬席格还曾不小心打断史恩康纳莱的手腕…

Sean Connery, during the filming of the James Bond film “Never Say Never Again,” was taking martial arts lessons. His instructor was Steven Seagal. Apparently, the two frequently enraged each other, and Seagal actually ended up breaking Connery's wrist.


18. 一共演出7部庞德的罗杰摩尔小时候发生过枪枝意外,所以他其实对枪有阴影。每次拍摄开枪镜头时,他都会先反射性地遮住眼睛。

Roger Moore, who played in 7 Bond movies, was actually afraid of guns. This fear was the result of a gun accident when he was younger. To film, he had to clinch his eyes before every shot to cope with the gun's presence.


19. 庞德的原型,是有「超级间谍」之称的英国指挥官Forest Yeo Thomas。他的代号叫作「小白兔」,是二战期间英国的关键角色。

Bond is based on a real British super spy, Commander Forest Yeo-Thomas. He went by the code name "White Rabbit" and was a crucial player for England in WWII.


20. 根据2012伦敦奥运开幕典礼负责写脚本的人表示,英国女王一听到他们要找饰演庞德的丹尼尔克雷格来演出短片,就兴奋地立马询问自己是否也能参与演出。

According to one of the writers who worked on the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the Queen asked if she could appear in footage. The funny part is that she only asked when she heard they were thinking of using Bond leading man Daniel Craig.


21.《007最高机密 (For Your Eyes Only)》的庞德女郎Caroline Cossey原来是变性人!

Caroline Cossey, one of the Bond girls in "For Your Eyes Only," was actually born as Barry Kenneth Cossey. She is now an English model and was the transgender person to pose for Playboy.


22. 皮尔斯布洛斯南接演《007黄金眼》时,合约当中有这项规定:你不准在别部片穿晚礼服!

When Pierce Brosnan signed up to play James Bond for "Goldeneye," his contract actually stated that he wasn't allowed to wear a tuxedo in any other film.


23 《007黄金眼》在以色列被列为禁片,因为反派是纳粹份子…

"Goldfinger"  was banned in Israel because the man who played the title villain was a Nazi.


24. 伊恩佛雷明完成 《皇家夜总会 (Casino Royale,第一本007小说)》的初稿后,买了一台镀金打字机庆祝…接下来的13本007小说都靠它完成。

After finishing the first draft of "Casino Royal," Ian Fleming bought a gold-plated typewriter to celebrate. He used the piece to write the remaining 13 Bond novels.


25. 丹尼尔克雷格是唯一一位「喝过的伏特加马丁尼比吻过的女人还多」的庞德!

Daniel Craig, is the only 007 to have had more vodka martinis in the film than on-screen kisses.


26. 从第一集007《第七号情报员 (Dr. No)》到《007空降危机 (Skyfall)》,庞德一共杀了369人、跟55位女人上床。

From "Dr. No" to "Skyfall," James Bond has killed a total of 369 people. He has also slept with 55 women.


27. 饰演反派「大钢牙 (Jaws)」的李察基路,只能用嘴巴hold住道具钢牙约1分半的时间。他在《007海底城 (The Spy Who Loved Me)》咬断的绳子其实是甘草做的。

Richard Kiel, who played Jaws, could only keep his metal teeth in his mouth for about half a minute at a time. The chain he bit through in "The Spy Who Loved Me" was actually made of licorice.


28. 庞德的经典车款奥斯顿马丁 (Aston Martin) 首度亮相是在1964年上映的《007金手指》。

The 1964 "Goldfinger" was the first Bond film which showed 007 driving his famous Aston Martin.


29. 法国女星苏菲玛索在《007综横天下 (The World is Not Enough)》里饰演的Elektra King,是007电影史上第一位女反派。

Sophie Marceau became the first female villain in the Bond series with her role as Elektra King in "The World is Not Enough."


30.《007皇家夜总会》的反派勒齐方 (Le Chiffre) 是唯一一位被自己人干掉的反派…

The character of Le Chiffre in "Casino Royale" is the first villain in the Bond series who gets killed by his own people.
谁叫他要对庞德「虐蛋」。 (大家一定记得这经典的一幕)


31.《007皇家夜总会》的庞德女郎薇丝朋 (Vesper Lynd) 灵感、来自伊恩佛雷明现实中遇过的特务Christine Granville,她是英国史上第一位女特务。

The character of Vesper Lynd in the film "Casino Royale"  was based on Christine Granville, Britain’s first female special agent, whom Ian Fleming met in real-life.


32. 美国前总统甘迺迪是庞德的大粉丝!

President John F. Kennedy was a huge James Bond fan.


33. 英国情报局MI6里,具00身分的特务都是菁英中的菁英。他们配有杀人执照,可以在执行任务时任意杀人。

The 00 Section of MI6 is considered the secret service's elite. This type of agent holds a license to kill in the field.


34.《星际大战》系列大导演乔治卢卡斯 (George Lucas) 当初在创造印第安那琼斯这角色时的灵感其实就是来自史恩康奈莱版本的庞德。有趣的是,史恩康纳莱日后在印第安那琼斯系列第3集《圣战奇兵 (The Last Crusade)》饰演了琼斯的爸爸。

George Lucas got inspiration for Indiana Jones by watching Sean Connery's version of Bond. Interestingly, Connery was cast as Indiana Jones' father in "The Last Crusade."





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