1. 喬治克隆尼跟他的老婆艾瑪 (Amal) 原本就養了一隻叫路易的可卡獵犬,他們在去年10月從聖蓋博谷收容所領養巴吉度獵犬米利,並歡迎他加入他們的家庭!   2. 名模、演員及歌手的卡拉迪樂芬妮及她的兔子瑟希爾。順帶一提光是瑟希爾的Instagram就有7千名追蹤者! 廣告1  

January 25, 2016

1. 喬治克隆尼跟他的老婆艾瑪 (Amal) 原本就養了一隻叫路易的可卡獵犬,他們在去年10月從聖蓋博谷收容所領養巴吉度獵犬米利,並歡迎他加入他們的家庭!

George Clooney, wife Amal, and their cocker spaniel Louie welcomed the Basset hound Millie into their family at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society last October.


2. 名模、演員及歌手的卡拉迪樂芬妮及她的兔子瑟希爾。順帶一提光是瑟希爾的Instagram就有7千名追蹤者!

Cara Delevingne smooches 'Cecil Bunny Delevingne.' Cecil is on Instagram and has over 7K followers!


3. 女神卡卡跟她的法國鬥牛犬可吉,這小傢伙是她從2015年4月開始養的!

Lady Gaga has had her French Bulldog, Koji (Little One), since April 2015.


4. 網球選手小威廉絲在網球練習的休息空檔,她的約克夏犬薯片就會來給她慰藉~

 Chip the Yorkie supports Serena Williams while she takes a break from tennis practice.


5. 潔西卡崔絲坦跟她的愛犬卓別林,卓別林原本是收容所的狗狗,只有三條腿。

 The lovely and talented Jessica Chastain has a three-legged rescue named Chaplin.


6. 亞當布羅迪和蕾頓米絲特一起養了兩隻狗,楚迪和Penny Lane。

Husband and wife Adam Brody and Leighton Meester share two dogs, Trudy and Penny Lane.


7. 連恩漢斯沃跟他的愛犬。他把這張照片上傳到Instagram的時候還附註「真愛」。

Liam Hemsworth captioned this Instagram photo: "True love."


8. 珍妮佛勞倫斯去年6月時被拍到抱著愛犬皮皮的模樣。

Jennifer Lawrence pictured with dog Pippi last June, just before arriving at a hotel in New York.


9. 關史蒂芬妮即使很忙,也會溜她的愛犬,博美狗Chewy。

Despite her busy schedule, Gwen Stefani still makes time to walk Chewy the Pomeranian.


10. 連恩漢斯沃的前女友麥莉希拉幫他領養到這隻叫朵拉的救難犬。

Hemsworth's ex, Miley Cyrus, reportedly helped him adopt Dora the rescue pup!


11. 凱蒂佩芮在演唱會巡演時,也不忘帶著愛犬奶油。

Butters makes one darling mascot for Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour at The Ace Hotel Theater in Los Angeles.


12. 伊娃門德斯在西好萊塢跟愛犬雨果散步,她的愛犬是比利時瑪連萊犬。

Here's Eva Mendes walking her Belgian Malinois, Hugo, in West Hollywood.


13. 希拉蕊朵芙抱著她的愛犬入眠。

Hilary Duff shows us "What Dreams Are Made Of" -- napping with your beloved pet.


14. 奧利維亞穆恩牽著查理斯王騎士犬錢斯,在紐約街頭散步。她也常常把錢斯的照片PO到Instagram上。

Olivia Munn with her adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chance, in NYC. Munn frequently features him on Instagram.


15. 傑克葛倫霍跟愛犬阿提庫斯。

Photos of Jake Gyllenhaal holding his dog Puggle have gone viral, but here he is with Atticus on a regular stroll.




16. 導演莉娜丹恩在《女孩我最大》的拍攝現場跟愛犬合照。

Lena Dunham is one paw-werful woman on the set of 'Girls.'


17. 麥莉希拉跟她的愛犬,迷你哈士奇佛洛伊德。佛洛伊德之前過世的時候,麥莉還哭到眼睛都腫了…

Miley Cyrus's loss of her Alaskan Klee Kai Floyd was absolutely tragic, and our hearts go out to those who have experienced that same heartbreak.


18. 奧蘭多布魯跟他領養的愛犬西迪一起散步。

Orlando Bloom enjoys a walk with his rescued dog Sidi. The two are a match made in heaven!


19. 安德魯加菲跟蓮一起散步,蓮是他跟艾瑪史東一起領養的黃金獵犬。

American-English actor Andrew Garfield together with Ren, a beautiful Golden Retriever he adopted with Emma Stone, in Tribeca.


20. 亞當山德勒超愛鬥牛犬,這張照片是跟Matzoball散步的照片,而他結婚的時候另一隻鬥牛犬愛犬「肉球」還當他的伴郎呢!

Adam Sandler is a big bulldog lover! Here he is pictured with Matzoball. In 2003, he selected his dog Meatball as his Best Man.


21. 阿曼達塞佛瑞跟愛犬芬一起去買花。

Amanda Seyfried with Finn while out picking up flowers in the city. Don't you just love his white patch?


22. 模特兒克莉絲汀泰根跟愛犬在洛杉磯國際機場。

Chrissy Teigen shown with her adorable best friend at LAX on November 17, 2015.


23. 演員敏卡凱利跟愛犬丘巴卡玩耍。

Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly and dog Chewbacca make a gorgeous pair!


24. 席亞拉跟她的愛犬,泰森與德克薩斯。

Ciara's dogs Tyson and Texas are just as fabulous as she is!


25. 達珂塔強生和她帥氣的愛犬齊柏林。

 Dakota Johnson and her handsome dog Zeppelin just went shopping at Liqueteria in New York.


26. 美國富商及專欄作家瑪莎史都華和她心愛的比熊犬。

Martha Stewart's face lit up as she stopped to look at a Bichon Frise at an annual dog show in New York.


27. 小甜甜布蘭妮跟她的愛犬哈娜,哈娜在推特上有5萬7的粉絲!

Britney Spears's dog, Hannah, has over 57K followers on Twitter.


28. 休傑克曼抱著他的法國鬥牛犬桃子。

Hugh Jackman puts away his Wolverine claws to embrace his French bulldog Peaches.


29. 安海瑟薇在布魯克林拍攝《高年級實習生》時,也沒有忘了摸摸自己的愛犬艾絲梅拉達!

Even while she was busy filming The Intern in Brooklyn, Anne Hathaway shows that she's never too busy for her pup Esmeralda!


30. NFL四分衛湯姆布雷迪跟愛犬史酷比,史酷比是比特犬跟鬥牛犬混種。

Tom Brady gettin' some love from Scooby, a pit bull mix.


31. 泰勒斯養了兩隻貓,照片中的這隻是梅莉迪斯,是根據《實習醫生》的角色命名。另一隻是根據《法律與秩序》中的Olivia Benson命名。

Taylor Swift has two cats. One is called Meredith (pictured here) after the Grey's Anatomy character, and the other is named after the Law & Order: SVU character Olivia Benson.


這隻就是Olivia Benson啦!


32. 賽琳娜戈梅茲緊抱著心愛的狗狗!

Selena Gomez just cannot keep her hands to herself, and with a pooch like that, we wouldn't be able to either!


33. 蕾哈娜抱著奧利弗DJ,他是隻馬爾濟斯跟貴賓狗的混血。

Rihanna with DJ Oliver, a smart, fun-loving Maltipoo.


34. 潔西卡貝兒跟賈斯汀一起養了3隻狗狗,分別是比特犬蒂娜,和拳師犬巴克利跟布雷南。

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are proud parents to three beautiful canines: Tina the pit bull and Buckley and Brennan, both boxers.


35. 馬修麥康納跟愛犬BJ在沙灘奔跑。

Alright alright alright. Here's a photo of Matthew McConaughey with his dog BJ. Jennifer Garner announced in a tribute that "it stands for what you think it stands for.”


36. 凱特柏絲沃跟導演老公Michael Polish一起帶著愛犬「快樂」散步。

Kate Bosworth and director husband Michael Polish out and about with Happy.


37. 時尚大師「老佛爺」卡爾拉格斐抱著愛貓邱佩特。這隻貓還是名模巴部第斯杜·茄比科尼送他的禮物呢!

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has fallen in love with his cat Choupette. She was a gift from French male model Baptiste Giabiconi.



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