1. 加州圣地牙哥的Vin De Syrah餐厅是个爱丽丝梦游仙境主题的酒吧,最适合与约会以及与朋友同游,而且他们甚至还有个隐藏式的入口喔!   2. 德国萨尔布鲁根的「XXL餐厅」是能让你体验到什么叫做男人的食物的餐厅。   3. 你在找一个与众不同但却又低调的餐厅吗?墨西哥这

March 13, 2016

1. 加州圣地牙哥的Vin De Syrah餐厅是个爱丽丝梦游仙境主题的酒吧,最适合与约会以及与朋友同游,而且他们甚至还有个隐藏式的入口喔!

Vin De Syrah in San Diego, California, is an Alice in Wonderland themed wine bar, perfect for a unique date night or a night out with your friends. The fun starts even before you enter — the establishment features a hidden front door!


2. 德国萨尔布鲁根的「XXL餐厅」是能让你体验到什么叫做男人的食物的餐厅。

Head to Take More XXL Restaurant Saarbrücken, Germany, if you want to do your own version of Man v. Food.


3. 你在找一个与众不同但却又低调的餐厅吗?墨西哥这家座落于洞穴之内的Alux Playa del Carmen餐厅一定可以满足你!

Looking for an unconventional dining experience that's a little more low key? Soak in the beauty of Alux Playa del Carmen in Mexico, a restaurant located in a cavern!


4. 忍者纽约餐厅以15世纪日本村落为主题,连服务生都相当有戏,喜欢日本文化以及日本美食的人一定不能错过!

Ninja New York was designed like a 15th-century Japanese feudal village. If you're a fan of surprises and Japanese cuisine, this is the spot for you. As shown in this photo, servers dress and act the part.


5.《超时空博士 (Doctor Who)》的粉丝一定都会很喜欢位于纽约布鲁克林区的这间The Way Station餐厅,这里有剧中TARDIS (时光机兼太空飞行器) 的复刻品,连菜单都是经过主题式精心设计的!

Doctor Who Fans will delight in The Way Station in Brooklyn, New York, where you'l find a life sized replica of the TARDIS (which in true whovian fashion features a larger interior than you'd expect) and a themed cocktail menu.


6. 位于加拿大蒙特娄的O.Noir餐厅是以在「黑暗中用餐」为主题的餐厅。因为据说如果在黑暗中进食,其嗅觉和味觉就不会被视觉给影响,才能够品尝到食物最真实的味道。

O.Noir provides "Dine in the Dark" culinary experiences in Montreal and Toronto. It's just as it describes — you dine in complete darkness. If you're looking for a way to reconnect with someone (or maybe just with food), ditch the technological distractions and book a night at a restaurant like this.


#7. 噜噜米主题咖啡厅原本只有东京才有,但现在香港的分店也成为游客们争相朝圣的地标之一。可爱的咖啡厅中充满噜噜米的超大型玩偶唷!

Moomin Cafe originally opened in Tokyo, but is now a popular tourist stop in Hong Kong, too. The adorable cafe features Tove Jansson's oversized stuffed characters that you can sit with while trying a fun variety of food and drinks based off of the stories.


8. 位于阿姆斯特丹的De Kas餐厅原本其实是个温室,但是米其林主厨Gert Jan Hageman将它改造成了餐厅。温室中栽培的香料与蔬菜都被用在餐厅的菜肴中,保证所有食材绝对新鲜! 

Amsterdam's De Kas was scheduled to be demolished back when it was a greenhouse in 2001, but Michelin star chef Gert Jan Hageman converted it into a restaurant. Vegetables and herbs are used in the menu offerings. If only we could eat this fresh every day!


9. 想试试看当间谍的感觉吗?这个位于密尔瓦基的新开咖啡厅 Safe House (意指:安全藏身处) 一定可以满足你的梦想。餐厅内设有许多秘密通道等待着你去发掘!

Intrigued by espionage? Visit the newly renovated Safe House in Milwaukee, now owned by The Marcus Corp. Originally inspired by the Cold War craze, this restaurant is filled with secret passageways to tickle your inner spy.


10. 喜欢万圣节的都应该来这家位于澳洲墨尔本的Witches in Britches餐厅看看,你能在那边看到各型各样的吸血鬼、女巫、怪兽和僵尸!

Halloween lovers should make a stop at Witches in Britches, a theatre restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, where you can enjoy the company of vampires, witches, and monsters all night long.


11. 位于印度埃拉特的Red Sea Star海底景观餐厅提供极致的海底用餐感受,它充满想像力的装潢设计绝对能让你大开眼界,但是一边吃鱼又看着旁边的鱼游动可能会有点奇怪就是了。 

Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant, Bar and Observatory in Eilat, India offers the ultimate underwater dining experiment. It's imaginatively designed, but you might find it strange to feast on seafood as fish swim around you.


12. 刚刚介绍过以万圣节为主题的餐厅,现在要介绍这间位于佛罗里达州开普提瓦岛以圣诞节为主题的 Bubble Room 餐厅。它30年代到40年代的复古装潢风格会勾起很多人的怀旧心。

What's more fun and eclectic than a Christmas themed restaurant? Visit the Bubble Room on Captiva Island, Florida, for 1930s and 40s decor, bubble scouts decked out in crazy hats, and old school music.


13. 你一定听过猫主题餐厅,但是你有听过企鹅主题酒吧吗?这个位于日本池袋的企鹅主题酒吧很适合在你下次想要喝点小酒的时候到访! 

You've heard of cat cafes, but have you ever heard of a Penguin Bar? Stop in Ikebukuro the next time you're in Japan to see these little guys as you sip on some whiskey.


14. 这家位于布拉格的The Beer Spa餐厅非常受到情侣欢迎,你能一边泡在木桶中,一边用自己私人专用的龙头享用啤酒,

Bathe in Barley and pull your own glasses of beer from a personal tap at The Beer Spa in Prague, a popular destination for couples.


15. 瑞士艺术家H.R. Giger 曾因电影《异形 (Alien)》中的特效获得奥斯卡奖。由他亲自设计的这家 Giger Bars 餐厅的细节自然也是不同反响。

Swiss artist H.R. Giger won an Academy Award as part of the special effects team for Alien and has since designed two Giger Bars in Switzerland, one in Chur and the other in Château St. Germain, Gruyère. The detail is out of this world!


16. 虽然说位于纽西兰的Redwoods树屋餐厅目前仅限私人聚会使用,但它位于10公尺高的美景然是世界上最适合到访的场所之一。 

Although the Redwoods Treehouse in Auckland, New Zealand, is only available as a private venue, it previously operated as a full service restaurant. At 33 feet high and a view like that, it's one of the most magical places to hold your next special event!


17. 1474年建于义大利沃尔泰拉的Fortezza Medicea是其实是一座监狱,但这七年来也开始兼有餐厅的功能,而服务生就是监狱里的受刑人。(所有刀具都是塑胶的) 这个重生计画相当成功,而且受刑人也因此从料理中得到乐趣。 

Fortezza Medicea was built in 1474 in Volterra, Italy. It's a high-security prison for criminals who serve seven years or more and it houses a restaurant using some of those inmates as servers (the cutlery is plastic). So far, the project has been a success and some of the inmates have developed a passion for cooking.


18. 最近僵尸热潮已经渐渐消退,但是喜欢僵尸的人一定不能错过这家位于美国明尼苏达州的Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den僵尸主题式餐厅。

The zombie craze may have died down a little bit, but it'll easily creep (or snowball) back into your life with a visit to Donny Dirk's Zombie Den in Minneapolis.


19. Dinner In The Sky 空中餐厅是个活动式的餐厅,他们会将餐桌椅悬挂在50公尺高空让客人在里面用餐。这个活动式餐厅从比利时发迹,后来渐渐推广到其他国家与城市。

Dinner In The Sky is a mobile restaurant in which guests are hoisted and strapped into dining chairs 160 feet up in the air. The idea was first seen in Belgian and has since expanded in cities around the world in limited run periods.


20. 现在女仆餐厅已经随处可见,但是位于东京丰岛区的这家Wonder Parlour女仆餐厅的欧式风格装潢、古典音乐和细心的服务还是让它显得特别独树一格。

There are dozens of maid cafes in Tokyo to choose from, but Wonder Parlour in Toshima features European classic decor, classical music, and of course, attentive service.

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