1. 「對方心情不好?坐在他的旁邊,然後直直地看著他的眼,說『你瘋了,所以不要笑。』然後一直認真地重覆。在第50次說『不要笑』的時候,他們的心臟就會被你攻破了,願意為了你拼命。」   2. 「當有人在說話或者是很專注的時候,你只要伸出你的手他們就會把手上拿著的

March 1, 2019

1. 「對方心情不好?坐在他的旁邊,然後直直地看著他的眼,說『你瘋了,所以不要笑。』然後一直認真地重覆。在第50次說『不要笑』的時候,他們的心臟就會被你攻破了,願意為了你拼命。」

"Have a toddler that is in a bad mood? Sit down with them, look them straight in the eye, and say "You're mad, so don't laugh." Just keep repeating it as seriously as you can. I've done it for 15 different cousins over a couple of decades, and by the fifth repetition of "DON'T LAUGH" they are busting a gut and rolling on the floor."-  Nitrostoat

"If someone is talking or preoccupied, you can hold out your hand and they'll give you whatever they're holding. I did it to my sister with the car keys and made her think she lost them somewhere at the store."- beccabooha

"When playing rock, paper, scissors stop right before and ask "without looking, can you tell me what color your shirt is?" and people seem to always pick scissors after. I've done it to maybe 20 people and got the same result every time."- Gr1pp717


2. 「當有人在說話或者是很專注的時候,你只要伸出你的手他們就會把手上拿著的東西給你。我曾經這樣騙去我姐車的鑰匙,然後說她應該是留在別的地方去了。」

"The Flinch. Whether you're negotiating a raise, the sale price of a car you want to buy, who does what chores around the house, always flinch visibly at the first and sometimes second offers. The Flinch can be as simple as a small wince, a sigh, or an eyeroll. The Flinch quite often causes people to lowball the initial offer. I learned this from my was-husband and it freaking works. Got my current job at 10% over the max salary because I flinched.”- HyperComa

"The concept of getting something for free completely derails a person's critical thinking skills.My dad was tool distributor and drove a truck to various repair shops selling tools to mechanics.He got an idea to start selling candy bars on his truck for one dollar. But you would get a free candy bar with every tool purchase. Almost everyone who asked how much the candy bar was didn't want to pay a dollar for one, but they would buy a $100 socket set in order to get the candy bar for free."- graveyardspin

"My favorite is silently maintaining eye contact when a person is attempted to bargain or convince you of something that you don't want to do, or don't believe. They usually end up negotiating with themselves (which gives you a huge advantage because once that happens, it is pretty much game over)."- ShowMeYourTorts

"If you nod while asking a question people are more likely to say yes. I particularly use this in the restaurant selling drinks. They ask for a beer, I say 'a tall one?' While nodding. About a thirty percent higher success rate than if I weren't nodding."- LegendOfDylan


3. 「在玩剪刀石頭布的時候,問他『不看的話,你可以告訴我你的襯衫的顏色是什麼嗎?』然後那個人最後一定會出剪刀。」

rock omg paper scissors


4. 「在議價的時候,明顯地表現出退縮的話,會使人降低他的首次喊價。」

confused questioning flinch


5. 「免費獲得東西的概念,會使人的明辨性思維跑掉。例如我爸賣工具時會附送糖果,會讓人不想在買糖果上花錢,寧願花400塊買工具以獲得免費的糖果。」

blonde ted seth macfarlane suggestive grocery store


6. 「當有人試圖討價還價或說服你去做不想做的東西時,靜靜地保持眼睛接觸。」

Tomas Ferraro, Sports Editor zoom la dodgers eye contact staring contest


7. 「如果你想得到一個『好的』的回答時,一直點頭的話機率會高30%喔。」

"In an argument speak softly. It forces active listening which leads to active thinking. When they are listening and thinking they are not yelling, arguing, or talking."- TheR1d3r

"If someone won't stop talking or let you get a word in, drop something (keys, pen). Reach down to pick them up and start talking. It's a way to interrupt without the other person realizing it."- Itsme290

"I learned this from my primary school principal. When you're angry, raise your voice. When you're really angry, lower it."- GeebusNZ


8. 「活用首因效應(Primacy Effect),即人際交往中給人留下的第一印象;和近因效應(Recency Effect),即印象形成取決於後來出現的事情。例如告訴家長學生的表現時,說好的、壞的最後再說好的,會讓家長知道孩子有什麼不好,但同時不會不高興。」

internet computer parents horrified thats enough internet for today


9. 「想第一次見面的人喜歡你?向他問一些開放式的問題,再按照他的回應問下去,先不要說自己的事。這樣的話,會令對方感到受尊重、被聆聽而對你有好感喔。」

"You want someone you just met to like you? Ask them open-ended questions about themselves. Don't wait for your turn to speak. Listen, and then ask a follow-up question based on what they said. If you do that a couple of times, that person feels heard and appreciated by you. If they realize they're doing all the talking, they'll apologize and ask a question of you. If your answer is short and pivots back into something they said, you have now formed a connection in their mind as a good listener who is interested in what they have to say. People like that a lot."- faceintheblue

"To get someone to like you more, ask them to do a favor for you like let you borrow a pencil. Benjamin Franklin was a big proponent of this idea."- TLaz3

"Many people (I would say most, maybe almost all) are surprisingly susceptible to flattery and being told what they want to hear. People tend to shy away from this strategy, thinking it will be too obvious and clumsy, but just try it. It's as if being flattered or hearing people agree with you gives people a rush of pleasurable hormones to the brain."- zazzlekdazzle


10. 「想令人對你更加有好感,可以讓對方幫你一個小小的忙,例如向他借一支筆。」

pen pineapple apple pen apple pen pen pineapple


11. 「很多人都喜歡聽奉承的說話,可能你會覺得這太明顯和笨拙了,但試試看吧。大部份人都喜歡被稱讚的。」

#Impastor tv land tvland impastor impastortv


12. 「我不會對我的狗用驅蟲藥,我會一只一只地幫他抓出來。我會教導他不要碰牠們。 」

I don't "give" de-worming medicines to my dog, I put them down on the floor and "take" them from him. I guard them, get between them and him, and tell him not to touch them. He gulps them down before I can fake-take them from him."- TheAwakened

"If I want my cat to jump up for cuddles I first have to act totally disinterested and like I don't care what he does. Works every time."- Smiling Sycophant


13. 「當我想我的貓跳起來討抱抱時,我會表現出一副不在乎他的樣子,每一次都有效。」


14. 「我是一位負責所得稅的人。當我知道我的客人進來時很生氣的話,會放一些大自然的聲音,讓他們全在椅子上聽2到3分鐘,這樣他們就會冷靜下來。」

 "I prepare income taxes in the US. If I know I have a client coming to see me who is going to be upset I will turn a nature sounds station on Pandora and play it softly in my office. My client may be irate when they enter my office, but they always simmer down quickly once they take a seat. I'll take a minute or two to look up something so they have to sit there and listen. By the time they leave they are always very happy and appreciative!"- GirlwiththeGolfClubs

"If you have trouble motivating yourself to do something like learn a skill (instrument, language etc.) tell yourself "Ok, I'll sit down and do this for just five minutes.” A lot of the time you'll end up going for much longer than five minutes, but even if you don't it's still five minutes of practice in whatever the heck you wanted to learn in the first place."- KioneRyn


15. 「如果你學習一個技能時沒有動力,可以跟自己說『我只會坐下來做5分鐘』。」



16. 「如果你輕柔地帶出一個建議的話,對方會比較積極聆聽和思考,而不是大叫大喊。」

movies reactions mad sorry emma stone


17. 「如果對方一直講話不讓你開口的話,可以試試裝作不小心地掉一些東西到地上(例如筆),去撿的時候你就可以開始講囉。」

Bravest Warriors animated illustration artists on tumblr cartoons


18. 「生氣的時候,聲量可以大一點。超級生氣的時候,聲量少一點。」

Birthday Bot cat angry birthday lou

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